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June 2, 2012

Hello, unidentified strangers!

As may become transparently obvious, this is my first time on this new-fangled ‘blog’ stuff all the kids are down with these days.

As an aspiring (and generally perspiring) writer, I’ll be posting snippets of original fiction up here, which may at some  point evolve into something like a novel (I refuse to use the word ‘blook’). Intercut with that will be some non-fiction ramblings on cinema, television, video games and the eternal mystery that is life.


Legal Stuff: Unlikely as it is that anyone will ever care about this, here it is: copy and repost whatever you like, so long as you credit me (Emmett Ryan) as the author and don’t make money off it. In return, I promise to not do anything criminal or intellectually dishonest here. Any copyright infringement, personal defamation or awful puns are purely for humorous purposes, and should NEVER be taken seriously.


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